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March 9, 2018: A day to detour from your routine commute
March 6, 2018


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This Friday will be one of the most congested days of the year for Austin commuters as students leave for spring break and visitors arrive for SXSW. Given this historically busy day, the City has named March 9, 2018, as ATX Detour Day to encourage employers and employees, especially downtown, to think about alternative commute options for this day and the following week.


Some options may be more feasible depending on conditions and demands of work and home life, so choose what suits your lifestyle best and ask your employer what options are available.


Detour from a routine work time or location:

  • Telework. Work from an alternative worksite, such as at home or a nearby library, to reduce your commute. 
  • Flex work hours. If possible, shift your schedule slightly earlier or later to schedule, such as 7 am-4 pm, so you can avoid the most congested hours.
  • Compress your work week. Cut your commute by working fewer days with more hours, such as four 10-hour days instead of five eight-hour days.


Detour with an active commute:

  • Bike. Knock out multiple goals at once by incorporating exercise into your commute. 
  • Take public transit. Ride the bus or train to work. Your mind and hands are freed up to spend time with a book, music or podcasts. Visit Capital Metro to plan your commute! 
  • Walk. Find ways to add some legwork to your trip if you can.


Detour from a lonely commute:

  • Carpool. Ride together with coworkers who live along the way to work. To join a carpool available in the Austin area, sign up for myCommuteSolutions and find a trip match.
  • Vanpool. For groups of five or more people, vanpools are a great shared transportation option. 
  • Bikepool. Join a cycling group to make your commute more social and active. 


Share your commute on social media using #ATXDetourDay


Want to make a long-term change? To find more resources to improve commute in Central Texas, join Commute Solutions. Employers interested in providing their employees with mobility options can check out Movability.


Click here for more details.